Friday, June 25, 2010

Free File Friday

Did you see this card? Would you like to create a card with the cute, tropical leaf border and tropical leaf accents? The card is specifically created to go with the Monkey Madness stamp set from Clear Dollar Stamps. You will notice that the tropical leaf matches the cut leaf perfectly.

Here's the .jpg of the card ...

Here's the .jpg of the leaf layer (size, resize, stretch, and skew as you wish!).

To use the files, simply click on the image, right click on it, and click 'save as.' Save it in an easy to remember place on your computer so that you can get to it when you want to use it. To get the file in SCAL, use the Trace feature. Click Trace, click browse, find the file, preview the cut, and import it into SCAL. All free .jpgs or .gifs offered on this blog have been previously cut on my machine.

Please let me know if you download and/or use these files. I'd love to know what files are being used and what you think of them!

Have an awesome Friday and a great, big, beautiful tomorrow.



  1. Thanks! I love the card and thought of so many ways to use the leaves when I saw it.

  2. Thanks, Shell! I have some Monkey stamps and Cricut cartridges that this will work nicely with.

  3. Shell, this is great! I can think of other tropical type images I have to use this with. Great idea.


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