Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Mother's Day Project

It's a little late, I guess, for many of you, but this project is too good not to share.

Each Sunday, I teach 1 and 2 year olds. Each year is a challenge for me as I try to find a project to present to the mommies of these precious children on Mother's Day. This year, my brain had a .... vision. :) I thought that it would be very cool to create silhouette, keepsake pictures for the moms. Over the last few weeks, I've tried to capture pictures of each of the children in a profile position. That has NOT been easy! Those little heads never stop moving. :) And if you're looking at them with a camera, they either hide or look directly at you. It's very difficult to get them to look to the side - with a plain background. Whew. Did it, though.

The first one that I completed was actually not one of my Sunday school kids, but my precious daughter.


The white and pink papers are SU, the black is from WalMart, and the font is Pooh. The frame was bought at the Dollar Tree, so I paid big bucks for it .... not. :)

Hopefully, along with 5x7 frames with the children's hand prints, these silhouettes will be gifts that the moms will cherish for a long time.

Have a fantastic Wednesday and a great, big, beautiful tomorrow!!!



  1. what a great idea... you and your creativity once again is awesome !I am sure the mommies will treasure these, for many years to come !

  2. Very cool, Shell. You and that SCAL are a match!

  3. What a great project Shell! Jaydin's profile is gorgeous and I love her hair in the pony tail! Great job.

  4. great project Shell..I love this Idea

  5. danssister8:35 PM

    That turned out great, and I bet the moms were thrilled! Congrats on the perseverance, lol. Looks like it was well worth it.


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