Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Few More .jpgs

Today, I'm featuring a few more .jpg files from recent projects I've done.

A crock pot is great to use on recipe pages (especially those that use a crock pot!). Here is the cut I made ....

This was made from this .jpg file .....

This little cricut head is super cute and great to use as an iconic image for those that love our bugs.

He can be used on a card for a Cricut friends, a scrapbook page about our crafting, or as a sticker for a friend that loves his/her Cricut. :)

Here is the .jpg file for this adorable critter.

As before, right click on the picture, click save as, and save the file somewhere that you can find it. Go into SCAL, click 'import jpg' and find the file you just saved. Preview it before you import it. Then, click ok. :)

Enjoy the files. On Monday, I will have another card for you, Tuesday will be our Tooty Fruity Tuesday, and a challenge day is coming on Thursday. Stay tuned for the fun!

Happy Memorial Day!! Take time to remember those that died for our freedom here in the USA. Take a moment to thank a service member, a veteran, or the memory of someone who served. Thank you, Jared (my oldest son, presently serving as a US Marine), Daddy, Kevin (my brother), Sam (my father-in-law), and so many others that have given time and energy and have risked their lives to protect the freedom that I hold so dear.

Have a wonderful Saturday and a great, big, beautiful tomorrow.


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  1. That little cricut bug is just too cute... you are so talented...''wish I had scal... :)


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