Thursday, October 14, 2010

WooHoo ... Disney again! :)

For years, we've gone to Walt Disney World every other year, but the last time we went for a big trip was in 2006. It was an amazing trip, but instead of going back to the parks in 2008, we went on our first Disney Cruise and took our second in 2009. This year, though, we decided to go back to the World.... I've missed it!!!! :)

In 2008 and 2009, I created 'memory/autograph' books for Jaydin to use on the ship. She had so many comments about it and we enjoyed it so much that I created another one this year. Jaydin wanted me to change the style just a bit this year, so the spirals were moved to the top.

The Jaydin, WDW, and 2010 were cut using the Cricut and SCAL. The fantastic metal accents - Mickey and the castle - were in a couple of scrapping kits I found at Hobby Lobby. The colored accents on them are brads, and they hold the metal shapes in place. The characters dancing at the bottom of the page are part of the background paper. The 2010 is on pop dots, but I had to cut them very small to make them fit.

Because we often have to search for the Sharpie to use for autographs, I decided to secure the pen to the book. I used that fabulous Mickey ribbon, and I sewed it on the book spirals and on the pen. I can slide the pen off (with difficulty) in case it runs out of ink, but it won't slide off by accident, I don't believe. I used a little clear glue to make sure the ribbon doesn't unravel on both ends.

The inside of the front cover looks like this. The inside pages are decorated with stickers and chipboard Disney shapes. That saved me a lot of time. If I want to add stamps and such, I can do that when we get home.

I have particular pages dedicated to particular characters that we will see. We will have them sign one page and will put the picture of them with my daughter on the opposite page. :)

TO keep track of where certain characters' pages are in the book, I placed tabs on the ends of the pages. This will allow us to quickly access certain sections so that we can find the characters' pages more efficiently. You can see the Mickey and Friends tab in the picture above.

All of the tabs are shown here.

We can't wait for our Disney trip and to be able to use our book. Once again, I know that Jaydin will enjoy using her book and will have a great memory book when we get home. :)

Have a great Thursday and a great, big, beautiful tomorrow (I will hear that in person very soon!!!).



  1. Awesome WDW book!!! Love it and I am sure Jaydin does too.

  2. You're such a good mommy! What a cherished item you've created for Jaydin. Gonna miss you guys while you're gone! have FUN!


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