Friday, October 08, 2010

Compute This ....

Whew. What a week. I'm sorry!!! I've not been great about updating this week. I've, honestly, not had much crafting time this week, either - and I hate that! Hopefully, next week will be a TOTALLY different story. :) I have much to accomplish next week.

Today, there was a challenge on SCS that was centered around our computer. I have no computer images or sentiments, but thought that, perhaps, I could USE my computer to create my project. Yeah .... 'cuz I never do that?! :) That's ok. This challenge just acknowledges what we all know is true .... I canNOT craft without my computer. :) I'm good with that, though. The computer adds a fantastic element to my crafting that I do not wish to replace. :)

This is my Jabez Prayer plaque. It was created on a paper-mache' plaque purchased at Michael's (I think) a LONG time ago.

I used 3 layers of my Shapelies to add the dimension to the shaped layers. Each one has been brushed, from the edge inward, with gold ink.

Small gold dots added a very classic element to the sides.

The flowers were made with twine, glue dots, and brads. They were very simple, but added a rustic feel to the plaque. I really like the way they turned out and the feel they gave the project. The brads do not go into any of the paper layers, but are, instead, wrapped around the twine in the center to pull it all together - after the twine was initially held with a glue dot.

The complete plaque. It hangs from the cord shown coming from the eyelets at the top. The prayer is placed on a gray layer, which was brushed with silver and black along the edges. The white layer was brushed with brown on the edges. Twine is added to the background to add interest and dimension.

Without my computer, I could not have created the shapes for this plaque.

Stamps - The Jabez Prayer (Clear Dollar Stamps)
Paper - Ripe Olive (Clear Dollar Stamps), Worn Parchment (Clear Dollar Stamps), gray, white
Ink - black, brown, white pigment, gold, silver
Accessories - Cricut, computer, SCAL, Shapelies, plaque, twine, brads, gold dots, pop dots

Sure hope I can get my rear in gear for next week!! I'm looking forward to it ... how about you?!

Have a beautiful night and a great, big, beautiful tomorrow.



  1. this is so pretty, thanks for sharing

  2. Very pretty Shell. I love that prayer.

  3. I love the layers. You little techie you! LOL tfs.

  4. Hi Shell,
    Just got an email from Kyler. He got your package. Here is what he said:
    On a happier note, I got a package from one of your card buddies the other day. I can’t remember the name off the top of my head right now. Does Sampson sound familiar? It was nice because I wasn’t expecting anything yet. The beef jerky she put in there was a godsend this afternoon after I got off working party and needed something to eat. The guy who was on working party with me got really bad heat cramps and I had to take him down to the RAS (Regimental Aid Station). Even after being out here a few months he still forgot to stay hydrated.

    Thank you Shell! What a sweetie. Just wanted you to know how much it meant to him and me.

  5. danssister8:15 PM

    It's beautiful! It turned out really well.

  6. This is a very cute project...


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