Friday, September 17, 2010

Free File Friday

Wanna free file or two?? I am offering the files for the bears I showed yesterday.

This bear is the original. He will help you with the placement of the face features and such. PLEASE note .... I did not cut the nose, mouse, and eyes. For the eyes, I simply drew those on. They are tiny ... TINY ... and hard to manage. The nose and mouth can be done in a little different way. I will tell you about that in a moment when I post the file for that area.

Here's the bear body. :) I cut it in brown for my bears.

This is the blackout (background) for the nose and mouth. Cut this in black.

This is the 'muzzle' area. I cut it in a lighter brown than my bear. Adhere it to the black piece above. Then, the nose and mouth will show through and automatically be in the right places. :)

If you just feel like torturing yourself or plan to make the bear ginormous, here is the eyes, nose, and mouth cut outs. As I mentioned before, I did NOT use this cut.

This little piece goes on the paw that he's holding in the air. It should be lighter than the bear's main color - typically, the same color as the muzzle area.

The shirt. Make it any color you'd like!! :) Create extras and use velcro to adhere. Or whatever your imagination can come up with!

The pants. I made them jeans. Again .. have fun with this!

PLEASE let me see your creations!! These can be such fun!!!!! :)

Have a fantastic Friday - and pray for me. I have a birthday party to deal with tomorrow .... filled with 5 years old. :) Oh my.

Have a great, big, beautiful tomorrow!!!!!


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