Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Work of Heart

My son has been dating a young lady for over a year. Her birthday was on July 25th, and he wanted to give her a CD with pictures of them on it for her special day. A CD? Really?? It was suggested that he give her a scrapbook, instead. He went with the idea, thankfully. Unfortunately, I had only 1 day to create the special gift. He and I went through the pictures on Wednesday night, and all of Thursday was spent working on the book. The book was 20 pages, but I'm only showing a few here. I know that you have no desire to see all 20!! LOL! The book is rather simple because, as I mentioned, I had to do it in only one day.

The album is an 8x8 and the cover is black with white flowers. This is the front, inside page. The font worked sooooo well for this, don' you think?? It's called "Love Letters" and was cut using SCAL. Small pearl and rhinestone corners embellish the two open corners.

Simple, but I thought it worked. I loved the paper. It was an 8x8 stack that I bought at Hobby Lobby. I also bought a 12x12 stack that had stickers and such in it, as well as black and white patterned paper. I used the stickers and tags from that to embellish the layouts and the paper to layer under the pictures.

This was the first of a 2 page layout from my daughter's birthday party last year. For whatever reason, everyone loves putting icing in Jared's face. :) And he wears it so well!! Victoria did it this time, and we have reactions on both pages.

The word "laugh" was colored using a Copic that almost exactly matched the color of the background paper. The black and white paper with the words was taken from the 12x12 stack. Bringing out that one word put the focus on the fun we had that day.

The last page was a challenge. We didn't have a picture for that page, so I made an envelope on the page where a note or letter could be stashed. It's interesting to 'scrap' without a picture. :)

Word has it that Victoria loved the book. I sure hope so. It was TOTALLY a work of heart. :)

Have a great day and a great, big, beautiful tomorrow.


  1. So pretty Shell I like how it turned out I am sure she loves it

  2. danssister11:12 AM

    What a great gift! You did a wonderful job, especially with only one day to work on it!


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