Thursday, July 26, 2007


So, I'm *always* looking for better ways to store things in the Haven (my stamping space). My punches have been a major source of frustration. I've seen so many people that use the 'over the door' organizer things with pockets. That won't work for me because my door is too far from my stamping area. Oh ... did I mention that I want *EVERYTHING* within arm's reach??? LOL!! Seriously, though, the door was just too far away. Lately, I've just had them on a shelf in one of my cabinets. It worked for the most part. They weren't organized, but they were safe and protected.

Yesterday, a special friend mentioned how she stores her punches, and a light bulb went on for me!! Woohoo!!! This system just might work for me.

Basically, the punches are hooked over a wooden dowel suspended by pegboard hooks. How simple! How perfect! I even had all of the needed items for this. Cool! Last night, I gathered the supplies and set off to create my new punch storage area. After some rearranging and organizing, I learned 2 things:

  1. This works *great*!!!
  2. I have TOO many punches!!!!!!! LOL!!

Now, some will argue with that 2nd statement, but considering the fact that I have a Cricut, I seriously have too many punches.

Ok ... here's the picture. I really, really like the way the storage works. Thanks sooooooo much to Krista (krista_stampinfun on SCS_)!!!! Great inspiration.

I'm going to work on the DD challenges on SCS, but can't just yet. Way too much going on around here. I will post my creations here when I get them done!

Happy Stampin', my friends!!!


  1. I love the punch system. Mine are in a big bin by my feet. I can reach them but I have to search through them to find what I am looking for. This looks simple and nice, maybe too organized;)

  2. Anonymous9:23 PM

    You organization is fantastic!!


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