Sunday, June 24, 2007

Stamp on what?

My family and I went to my parents' house yesterday to do some work around their house and help them out a little. There is a little box with a door that covers the key hole for their home alarm. When her house got painted last week, the little door was painted, too. Mom asked me to 'stamp on it' and make it pretty. Sooooooo here's what we came up with.

It was her stamp set, but my stamping and aquapainting. The box doesn't get wet or get weather on it at any point, so I just used the SU! watercolor crayons and the aquapainter to color it. I used black StazOn ink and sealed it with a glossy sealer. It looks a little splotchy on here, but that's because it's wood. It's not really that splotchy in person.

Here's what it looks like up on the wall.

When we got home, I noticed something interesting while I was blowing bubbles with Jaydin.

I got a little closer and found 4 little birds in there!! They are blue in color. I have no idea what kind of birds they are - so if you know, please tell me! I think it's so cool.

Hopefully, I will get a few more things stamped this week. We'll see. I suppose it all depends on my almost-2-year-old appendage. :)

Have a great weekend and a great week!!!!

Happy Stamping!


  1. danssister6:58 PM

    It's beautiful!!!! You did a great job!

  2. Great job on the box painting and the bird watching. That will be fun to watch for a few days. Should make for a great Scarp book page.
    We had a nest, but the kids had to climb up on a upside down garbage can to get high enough to see them. They've all flown away now. They get big and fly off really quick.


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