Friday, November 05, 2010

Thank You Gift

We are using the Concierge service at our resort, and I wanted to make something special for those who help us on our (MUCH needed vacation). I know they are probably tired of Mickey (although, I can't even fathom the thought!!!), but I thought that they might could use this on their desks or even at home.

When I saw these wonderful - and flat!!! - square, glass candle holders, I couldn't resist them! They are a dream to etch, and I think they will work great for the purpose.

The glass candle holder and candle were both purchased at the Dollar Store. ONE dollar for each of those! Awesome!!!!

Used - vinyl (for stencil), etching cream, $1 glass candle holder, $1 candle, foam brush, water

Off to the World!!

Have a wonderful Friday and a great, big, beautiful tomorrow!!


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  1. danssister11:22 PM

    What a great gift for them! They turned out great.


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