Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Yep ... success on the potty training. All done. NO MORE DIAPERS!!!! Yippee!

Success, too, in creating tonight. Mark is a deacon in our church. Through our deacons, we have a family ministry, and each deacon has about 16 families on their list. He's asked me to do birthday cards for the family members that have birthdays coming up. So, I made 3 of the ones needed for February tonight.

The first one is for an adult female - the *easiest* cards for me to make. I used some of the SU designer paper for the background, a piece of vanilla paper for the layer, Petal Prints (is that the name?!) for the flower, and some taffeta ribbon. The flower is stamped using the WWC colored directly on the stamp. Told you it was simple!!!

The next one is for a 7 year old little girl - probably the 2nd easiest card for me to make. I used Pretty Princess, some mulberry paper, shimmery white paper, WWC, and some adorable heart brads that I found at JoAnn's sometime back. Nothing really special about the card, but I think the child will like it.

The last one ... which was actually the first one that I made tonight ... is for a young, adult male - one of the HARDEST kind of cards to make!!! I used Setting Sail on this one, and it's a great stand-by set for guys. My 16 actually LIKED this card. That thrills me!!!!! I used the SU distressing tool for the sides of the vanilla piece and did direct to paper to ink the distressed sides. I used hemp thread to embellish. The background is done on blue with white craft ink to make it look like a blueprint. The card base is basic gray, and I used a layer of going grey behind the sailboat image layer. The sailboat is stamped in basic brown.

So ... lay it on me. Tell me what you think!

And until I hear from you, have a great, big, beautiful tomorrow!!!! :)


  1. Soni B10:49 AM

    hey...I like them all... they are great...nothing wrong with simple...

    glad to see some cards again...

    hope you have a smiling tuesday yourself

  2. Great cards! I think they are all good.

    Congrats on the potty training, we are still working on that, be nice to get one out of diapers ;-)


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