Thursday, July 29, 2010

Use Those Thingies Thursday

I think we all do it from time to time. Some people do it less than others, though - and I'm SO jealous of them!!

What is 'it?' "It" is to create a card or project that we hate, and therefore, feel the need to trash - literally. I did that this week. I've not trashed it ... YET. I'm still trying to salvage, but it's not looking good at this point.

So, what's the point of this little tantrum? Well, the challenge, of course. I want you to find a project or project element (stamped image, colored image, background, embossed piece) that you put aside at some point in the past and use it for inspiration OR just make it into a complete project. Improve it, use it, fix it, whatever! Try to make that 'trashable' piece into a smashing project.

I will ... ummm ... let you know how mine turns out. Hey! I know ... You show me yours, and I will show you mine. :) :)

Have a trashfree Thursday and a great, big, beautiful tomorrow.


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