Monday, January 11, 2010

The Haven Re-floored

As I've mentioned before, every year, it seems that the Haven gets a bit of a face-lift or reorganization. Usually, this happens because I receive some wonderful new toy ... uh, tool!.... to use up there. This year, however, the tank from the toilet in the adjoining bathroom shattered in November. The floor in the Haven was affected - along with the other rooms on that level ... and the other 2 levels below it - and needed to be replaced. My dream has always been to put hardwood up there, so we took this opportunity to do so instead of replacing it with more carpet. I didn't do any reorganization this time because I really like the way it's been set up for a while.

Last year's face-lift can be seen here.

This is my work area from the door next to the bathroom.

This is the work area from the window next to the sewing area.

The sewing area, blue bins, and window. :) Stamp shelves are in the foreground on the right side.

My stamp shelves. No, they aren't new, but my hubby did such a fantastic job on them that I wanted you to see them again. :)

The room from the balcony door. My work area is immediately to the left of this. When I have classes or Bible studies in the Haven, the tables (one 6 ft and one 8 ft) go in the open space in front of the window.

My work table. My work area consists of one 8 ft. table and two 6 ft. tables in a U shape.

So, if you're ever in the area ... stop in to play in the Haven! :)

Next time, I will share some of the gift card/hot chocolate holders that I made for small gifts during Christmas.

Hope you had a great day and have a great, big, beautiful tomorrow!!!


  1. My dream would be to stop by sometime and create with you in your Haven...Glad there is an open invitation...

  2. You're ALWAYS welcome, Kathy!!!!!

  3. I will definitely have to put you on my stop list when I am in your area next time. Just need to make this happen.

  4. Wow - what a wonderful space!

  5. Anonymous6:35 PM

    what a beautiful space, I am so envious but I can't complain I have a craft space, the floor looks fab!

  6. The foor redo is great, Shell. I know what you mean about the facelift. Mine needs it desperately. I'm just waiting till there are fewer people in the house. :-)


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