Monday, November 19, 2007

Pay It Forward!!!!

Isn't it fun to get goodies in the mail???? Yeah, baby! Thanks to a friend's blog, I'm playing Pay It Forward. Here's the way it works ....

The first three people who comment on this blog will get a package of goodies from me. The catch - those people must be in the US, be willing to do the same for 3 other people, and have a blog on which you will share this opportunity with others. So ... if you want to play, simply comment on this post and include your email address and blog address. I will email you for your snail mail address and get a package out to you this week!! Then, when you get your package from me, play the game on your blog so that 3 others get some great goodies. That's all there is to it!

Now .... what did I get in my package?? I knew you'd want to know!! Here's a picture of all of my goodies from Robyn.

Let me tell you that the cards in the picture are ABSOLUTELY adorable!!!!! She probably means for me to actually USE them, but ....I really can't see it happening. They are so cute.

Later this week, I will post about Thanksgiving. I want all of you to be thinking of what you're thankful for!!!

Have a great week, my friends!!!!


  1. danssister12:43 AM

    Looks like a fun mail day! Have fun with your new goodies!

  2. Hey Shell...can't wait to see what you send me! I had to wait cause I know not all my blog stalkers are stampers and I had to figure out something else to send if they aren't stampers...does that make sense? LOL!!!

  3. drat! I can't amend my post from yesterday. My blog is


  4. Shell I will pay it forward, I am way behind on Blog hopping since the Holidays hit. But I wll do three also.


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