Monday, October 22, 2007

October Family Fun Day

Woohoo!! What *great* weather we had for our day this month. Jonah chose to go to Rock Ranch about an hour and a half south of us. It's owned by Truett Cathy and is an awesome place to go have some fun - for very little money. The kids had a great time - well, 2 of them, anyway. Jared was bored, but ... he *is* 16. This picture was made just after we got there. You can't tell what the weather is, yet, but you'll see ....

Jonah decided that first up was a volleyball game. Now, I've not played volleyball in *years* ... and YEARS. The funny thing, though, was that I owned the guys in the game!! In the beginning, it was Jonah and Mark against .... me. They never got a point!!! Then, Jared got in and took on Mark and me ..... he never got a point, either. It was fun, but I got pretty tired out pretty quick. I am SO outta shape. :( But .... in the picture, you can see how GREAT the day was. Pretty, huh??

So .... the Princess had a blast. She loved seeing - and touching all of the animals. She's looking through the fence at the miniature horses.

And here, she stands with her new friend, Mufasa. What a GORGEOUS dog. He's only a year old and soooooo soft. He's a show dog and such a sweetie. We really enjoyed seeing him. Jaydin doesn't like touching the head, though. She prefers the end with no teeth.... :)

And then, she got on the horse. She loves riding horses. I really need to start teaching her "heels down," though!!!! I'm hoping that will continue and that she and I can enjoy that when she's older (and I'm Now, keep in mind that each activity was included in the price of admission at this wonderful place - and it only cost $34 for all 5 of us to get in. Oh ... this horse's name was "Tot." His brother's name was .... "Tater." :)

Ah ... do I need to say anything about this one?? I just love seeing the boys interact with her. They are SO good with her, and she loves them so much.

I know ... you are quite tired of the pictures. I have a ton of them, though. I had so much fun taking pics on this gorgeous day, and I have so many that I can share. She's just being silly here. I love it.

What a serious face ... would you believe it was a prelude to laughter??? It really was. It took a little bit to get a smile, but the smile was more akin to giggles. LOL!!

Ok ..... last one. Here' she is ... my little pumpkin princess!!! One of the pumpkins in this patch was missing, so I filled the spot with one much cuter than the others. And what a face she made. Goodness.

Ok ... that's all the pictures for now. I will try to have some cards next time. I made one today, but sealed it up before I remembered that I wanted to post it here. Sorry!!! I'm hoping I can create some tonight after dinner - going out for my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!!!!!

Have a great, big, beautiful tomorrow.


  1. Happy Birthday Mom!
    What a great day you had, wish I could find a 34$ price for my whole family and have fun like you did. Great pictures. I love the Pumpkin one, How Adorable. The first one of all of them together that was great too. I am finding as they get older those are the harder pictures to come by.

  2. Looks like you had a fun day! It was a beautiful day for you all!!


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