Thursday, October 04, 2007

FIGHT Breast Cancer

You may have noticed my little button over to the right - I hope you have! So very many of us have been affected by cancer, and particularly breast cancer. I would bet that anyone that reads this has had or knows someone that has had breast cancer. If you want to help, just click under the button where it says "Join the fight" and copy the code into the template or profile of your blog. We need everyone to fight. I joined because Kathy Ostvig had the button on her site.

My 'someone' is my mom. She's the greatest!! In 1995, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a radical mastectomy. It was SO hard on her, but she did it and got through it. I believe that she's a stronger person because of it, too. She doesn't like to talk about it (guess I can't blame her there), but I believe all of us should be aware of it and do whatever it takes to get rid of it for us and for our children. My mom has completely recovered from her experience with the cancer and certainly didn't let it beat her. She's a 12 year survivor - this month. Hooray for my mom!!!!! She's stronger than she ever knew and will ever admit.

I love you, Mom.

So .... for my mom and for the other incredible women out there, will you help FIGHT breast cancer?????

I think I will go make a pink card .......

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