Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Dream Sewing Space

As I was evaluating the layout of the new sewing space, I came to the realization that the main purpose of that room would be to house a cutting table.  I wanted that cutting table to be as big as I could get it, allow for storage, and .... well, look good. :)  I wanted to be able to put some of my other 'fabric craft' tools in there, as well, but that wasn't as important as the cutting table and the space for it.  The room is finished, and fortunately, I had room for the cutting table, both embroidery machines, and the sewing machine.  The room got quite a face lift ... here's the before picture.....

Remember, this room used to be our library.  Unfortunately, we had to replace the flooring in this room and in the Haven, and when we put everything back, we were in a bit of a hurry.  So, the room became very cluttered and really, unusable.  In this picture to the right, you can see where I had been cutting fabric for the projects I made at Christmas.  Yeah ... that little space ... a 6ft. table that's only 30" wide.  Yuck!  That didn't work well at all .... but that's a bit better than the floor.....

Here's the room completely cleaned out.  Lots of promise! :) 

The cutting table is in the center of the floor to allow movement around all sides.  To the right of this shot is the sewing machine and table, and to the left are the embroidery machines.

I didn't want to paint the entire room.... but I had some black paint left from doing my son's room, so I used it on the far wall.  It really gave the room a lot of dimension.  I added some abstract shapes around the room in both black and Heffalump Purple (the color of the Haven).  They are just some fun creative shapes to add some personality to the room.

I've put fabric in the cubbies .... I still have room for more, so I think I need to go shopping!! LOL!  I left spots, too, for some other 'decorative' items in the cubbies.  I think I need to go shopping for that, too.

Here's a view from the window side.  The cutting table has a total of 42 cubby spots for fabric or other items.  The table is 4 ft. x 8 ft.  The top is a piece of hard wood plywood (cabinet grade - so that I wouldn't have to sand it!!) painted with high-gloss, black, enamel paint and sealed with 2 coats (each side, as well as the edges) of Helmsman spar urethane.  If, for some reason, I want to flip the table top, it's finished on both sides and can be easily flipped.  There are pieces of a slip-proof, rubber, rug mat under each end of the table top.  That prevents the table top from shifting when I lean on it.  There are felt protectors under each of the cubbies to prevent the cubbies from scratching the hardwood floor.  The entire table can be easily moved and adjusted if the table top is taken off of the cubbies.

Some time ago, I bought some cooler ice packs from the Dollar Tree.  Because I bought all they had, the store clerk just told me to take the things they were hanging on, as well.  So, I did .... they work wonderfully for my fabric stabilizer!

And, who sews in the finished room first?????  Yep .... the Princess.  Here, she's working on her pivots, and she's doing a great job, too.

My hubby, as I mentioned before, wanted me to call the new room The Lair, but my son came up with the name that I think I'll be using.  The new name is .... The Seam.  I need to work on a sign for the room, too.

I'm very pleased with the room, the table, and the layout.  There are things that I'd love to do in there, but they can wait.  I think I'll just enjoy working in there with all the space for now. :) 

Now..... I have to clean and reorganize the Haven.  I could use some help ... any volunteers?!

Hope you're having a wonderful Monday and that you have a great, big, beautiful tomorrow!!!



  1. Wondeful!! Love the whole idea and execution of th project. And soooo glad to see Jaydin enjoying sewing, too. I wish you both MANY happy hours of sewing, creating and just hanging out together in your The Seam. =)

  2. Your new space looks like a great place to work! I am so happy for you to get this done!

  3. Wow, what a difference! I'll be designing a new craft/sewing room for myself this summer and am a bit excited and a lot overwhelmed!

    1. Gale - decide your focus, how you like to work, and go get 'em! I had in mind what I wanted to do with the room - house the cutting table - and worked around that. Have fun ... make it exactly what you want the first time. That's MUCH easier than changing it later.

  4. What an awesome space! Love it. Thank you Shell for sharing in my stamp debut.


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