Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Creating Christmas Gifts

Every year, I need some small gifts for Sunday school teachers and such at church and even for some family. Last year, I etched some ornaments and prayer journals, but this year, I etched candle holders. I found some amazing candle holders with flat sides at the Dollar Tree - where everything is $1. Can't beat that price!

This one is etched on all 4 sides. Most of them, I only etched on one side. I think they will make very inexpensive gifts for those for whom I just need 'a little something.'

The only things needed for this project are the candle holder, etching cream, vinyl stencil, and the Cricut. I used the Cricut to cut the stencils. The stencils were placed on the glass and the open areas filled with etching cream. I followed the instructions on the etching cream bottle. I made 12 of these candle holders.

So, if you need a small gift or two for Christmas, check out your local dollar store. Perhaps you can find something like these candle holders that you can alter a little to make a great, inexpensive gift. :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday and a great, big, beautiful tomorrow!


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  1. cute I have some stuff to etch...Im cutting it close arent I


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