Tuesday, September 01, 2009

More Bible Study

Our Bible study theme this week was joy. That one was pretty tough for me to handle this week since my oldest child (my 18 year old son) headed to boot camp on Sunday. Joy .... not the first emotion I would say that I felt. But the Lord brought to mind many things about His intent for us and for our joy. He is good, and He will sustain me through the next 13 weeks.

The joy pages. Joy was done with SU paper, cut with the Cricut using SCAL, run through the Cuttlebug to emboss circles and flowers on the purple layer, and put on pop dots to add dimension to the page. The pictures were all from this past weekend. They are cherished memories. Some pictures are on pop dots, but some are adhered flatly on the page.

The background paper is from a paper stack from Hobby Lobby and the little flowers are also from Hobby Lobby.

Next week is 'peace.' With three kids, I don't get much of that particular thing!!! LOL! Guess we'll see what the Lord has to say to me about it, huh?

If you pray, please pray for my son. He will be in boot camp for the next 12 weeks and will graduate as a US Marine the week of Thanksgiving. This will be the hardest experience of his life, but it will be worth it, and he will be the very best Marine that he can be. :)

Have a wonderful day and a great, big, beautiful tomorrow.


  1. kg29434:07 PM

    Joy and boot camp to me would automatically go hand in hand. I am new to scrapping, and my mentor recommended I become a member to this site. Yours was the first I clicked on, and your pages are so inspiring. I'm hoping I can give you a different perspective on boot camp, that might lead to your next bible study topic, peace. Be at peace w/ your son's career. Being a Marine is an amazing, respectable, honorable and worthy career. My husband retired from the Corps a few years ago, and he is so proud. And I am so proud of him. It made for a difficult family life and alot of tears, sure, but how wonderful that your son has a stable career, benefits, and a steady paycheck in this economy. Not everybody can say that. he can support a family, learn leadership skills, continue his education, and succeed in many other ways because of this chapter in his life. Be grateful and proud! OOORAAH!

  2. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Shell once again this is great... JOY is a main ingredient in your life... therefore Peace is given to you from GOD...I have no doubt you will find a unique way to show us just that...


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