Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Entry Into The Big May Copic Giveaway

Winning is fun, isn't it?? It is, especially when you can win something totally exciting and totally useful! The Pen Addict has a blog candy contest going on right now that is fantastic for all of those Copic lovers out there! Wow. I would LOVE to win this one. As you know, I LOVE my Copics and use them any chance I get. The opportunity to get new ones is totally cool!

Copics are one of the most amazing mediums for coloring artwork that I've ever used. The incredible capacity to blend and shade with these markers makes them indespensible in my arsonal of crafting/art tools.

Check out the contest and try to win, too. Anyone that enters has a great chance!! Now .... I'm off to create something NEW so that I can get that 3rd entry in the contest!!! LOL!

Good luck, everyone!

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