Thursday, December 04, 2008

Cricut Cartridge Storage

I've been trying so hard to figure out how to store my cartridges because I very rarely use the overlays or the books now that I have the Design Studio (for which the new update has some awesome new features!!). It's not optimal for me to get the cartridge out of the box each time and then, to have to put it back in the box each time. I keep my carts alphabetically arranged, so it was easy to find the box, but it was a pain to open the boxes and deal with that each time I wanted to pull one out.

So, I made a 'solution.' It's not pretty. It's not fancy. It's not even attractive - or really strong. However, it does work. And after working with my bugs (yep, both of them) tonight, I found that it works well and saves me time. It has also freed up 3 shelves of space in my Haven - along with all of the space my new ones were taking up on my table because I didn't want to start a new shelf and rearrange all of them yet.

Without further adieu.....

This is my Cricut cartridges' new home. :) Yes .... I used *purple* duct tape to support the sides and edges. I used small labels to label each cartridge with it's name. ATG tape was used to reinforce the adhesive on the back of the labels. So far, that's worked.....

Here's an up-close view of the slots. It has 48 slots, and I have 35 cartridges. I used chipboard (about the weight of a cereal box) for the inside slots and a box (handy that Christmas gifts are on order and being delivered daily!) that I had on hand to make the frame.

Here's the box in it's place in the Haven. It actually fits perfectly between the two shelf supports.

One day, I hope to come up with a more secure, sturdy (and pretty) solution, but until then, I think this will work pretty well. Let me know if you have any comments .... suggestions .... questions .... whatever. I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Have an awesome evening and a great, big, beautiful tomorrow!!! :)


  1. danssister11:06 PM

    Looks like a handy solution! Glad that you were able to make something work to make it easier to use your carts.

  2. Anonymous8:48 AM

    hey, there you go again you amazing lady ...

    glad it works for you...

  3. Great storage idea, Shell.

    If you're looking for prettier/sturdier - take the same concept and create it from foam core. You could do it in white so it would blend in against the wall. If you want the dividers a different color so the cartridges stand out better - you could do that, too. Great idea!

    Keep on Cutting!

  4. very nice...and since you dont need the covers when you use the DSS pretty handy....maybe DH can make you a wooden one for Christmas!

  5. Oh and one for me also(Wink, Wink)

  6. Dell Richards9:19 PM

    Looks great Shell!!!


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