Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Glass Etching - Cricut Style .... A Tutorial

Wow. This is such fun and so easy that I thought I'd share exactly how to do it. You will have a blast with this fun technique.

Step 1: Gather supplies. You will need something glass (I used a Christmas ornament for the tutorial), glass etching cream, your Cricut (I also used my Design Studio and the Christmas Cheer cartridge), a vinyl scrap, a paint brush, and a paper towel. You will also need to be near a water source.

This is the etching cream that I used. DO NOT TOUCH THE CREAM. You'd think they'd put that in big letters, wouldn't you??? Yeah ... they don't, so I am putting it in big letters so that you know.

Step 2: Put your vinyl scrap on your mat and cut your stencil as you would cut anything on your bug.

I used the Design Studio so that I would know exactly where my stencil was going to cut and so that I could see it on the screen first.

Step 3: Remove your stencil from the Cricut. In this case, I'm using the actual square that gets cut, but in other cases, you would use what is normally left after cutting and taking the shape out - stuff you often throw away.

Step 4: Remove the backing on the vinyl and apply to the ornament (or whatever your glass is).

Step 5: Coat the open areas of your stencil with a thick coat of the etching cream. Be careful not to get the cream in any place you don't desire etching to occur.

Step 6: Wait. With my etching cream, I had to wait for 60 seconds.

Step 7: Rinse with water. I don't have a picture of this, but I think you can figure it out. Just take your project and hold it under a running faucet. Again .... DO NOT TOUCH THE CREAM. I wanted to 'help' the cream off of the ornament..... Don't do that. Just keep rinsing it until the cream is all off of the project and stencil. You may not notice the etching at this time. The area that you etched may look like it's covered with plastic wrap or something. It looks odd .... but it's just fine. :)

Step 8: Wipe it off with a cloth and take off the stencil. You will start to see the etching at this point.
Put the stencil on something slick or plastic. Then, you can use it again.

On the cloth after rinsing.

Step 9: Enjoy your finished product!

Up close picture of the etching.

Here's another one I did today, as well.

That one's a little more tricky with the holes in the numbers and such, but it's so much fun to try!!!

I hope you'll try this and let me know how it turns out.

As always, have a great day stamping and have a great, big, beautiful tomorrow!!!!


  1. Oh it turned out so nice.....Ideas clicling in my head already

  2. Anonymous11:12 PM

    wow, you amaze me again...very cool

    I wonder how it would look on a small mirror...

    tfs Soni

  3. danssister11:49 PM

    They turned out great! I use rubber gloves when I do them, then I can *help* the cream off during the rinsing. ;)

  4. They look great..

  5. Anonymous12:17 PM

    is there a particular type of vinyl that you used? where did you get it?

  6. I'd planned this as one of my next projects, but with a different material. I had an art teacher, in high school, that used this as one of her projects. We used a clear contact paper adhered to a 12x12 mirror tile to do ours.I just have too many projects planned with my new Cricut that I haven't caught up with myself yet! Love the Mickey ears! Very cute!

  7. very very nice. I didn't realize until today that I could use the Cricut to do something like that! Thanks for the step by step instructions and the great ideas.

  8. I added you to my Blog!

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  10. Hello,
    Your blog is really looking very attractive. Thanks for giving the information about these type of cards.

  11. Anonymous9:33 PM

    i have been searching and searching online for a simple explanation of how to do this and found you! Thank you! I am going to get the supplies tomorrow and start my glasses for Thanksgiving dinner!! Thanks again!!!

  12. This is excellent collection.

  13. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Could u explain to me how to place a picture of someone onto a clear glass plate?

    K Smith

    Very very new @ this

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  15. At this time I could say that I don't have any idea how to do this kind of art and to make a well creative etched glass, so with the direction above I'll try to make one for my friend. Thank you so much for this info.


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