Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Apologize!!

It's been quite a while since I've blogged. I apologize!! Things have been a little nuts around here - along with a little drama on SCS. The drama is over, but the nutty life goes on. LOL!!

Sooooooo ... last week, we had our Quacker Secret Sister reveal night. Woohoo!! My QSS was Yami, and she did a great job! Here's my 'loot!' LOL!!

She made an awesome book box ..... opens like a book, but is box-like on the inside.

Great stuff, huh??? Yep. I totally agree.

Last Friday, my family went to Stone Mountain for their Christmas celebration. We had a great time .... see .......
Jaydin just marched herself right up to Santa and sat on his lap. We were really quite shocked.

Then, she told him she wanted a butterfly for Christmas. Can you see me rolling my eyes?????

Soooooo, who can resist this face????? She had a great time seeing all of the fun Christmas things. I'm LOVING these earmuffs on her. No, we did NOT buy them. We're in Georgia, people! How often would she wear *earmuffs*????

Yep ... 4D movie time. The Polar Express .... and she LOVED it. She kept her glasses on most of the time. She really enjoyed seeing Santa, but wasn't thrilled with them spitting water on us ....... *several* times.

The family gathered for a picture with Santa. As we did, the decorations on the mantle at Santa's house came tumbling down. At least we all smiled! LOL!! It was good to have Rachel in there with us. :)

Some time ago, I posted a card that I made for a friend having a birthday in November. I kept asking, but she never received the card. Well .... I found out why.
I guess she doesn't want it now. :(

Christmas is coming. More pictures, more cards, more fun! Will check in later. Have an awesome week.


  1. You posted my goodies!! I'm sooo flattered!!! Glad you like them all. I had so much fun picking out stuff I really thought you'd enjoy!!

  2. The pictures from Stone Mountain look great. Thanks for including Rachel. :)

  3. danssister1:27 PM

    Looks like you got a lot of fun stuff in your package! Love the pics, too! Did the mail do that to your card? Yikes!


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