Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Cute Little Pouch Tutorial

After creating my little taggie owl yesterday, I worked on some little denim pouches.  These are great to use for any little things - spools, buttons, bobbins, crayons, etc - and SO easy to make.
Aren't they cute?!

So, ready to make your own?? 

Supplies - 
old pair of jeans (actually, only one leg of the jeans)
scissors/rotary cutter
sewing machine

Step 1 - cut the leg of the jeans to the size that you'd like to use.  

This one is about 7 inches tall.  I used a pair of my daughter's old jeans, so it is fairly narrow - about 6 inches.  
Cut both ends fairly straight.

Step 2 - sew the bottom closed.

Stitch the bottom closed.  I just used a regular straight stitch.

Step 3 - stitch another seam right next to the last one.

This is to reinforce the seam since it's denim and will have things inside.

Step 4 - iron the seam open.

This is kind of hard with the denim seams, but it helps with the next step.

Step 5 - iron a small crease into the corners to use as a guide for sewing the boxed corners. 

This just assists in keeping the right shape when you sew it.

Step 6 - sew the boxed corners

Sew across the corner - try to make the distance from the corner even on each side.  Do this on both sides.

Step 7 -  flip right side out.

After boxing the corners (like in picture above), flip the pouch so that the right side is facing out.


Step 8 - fold down the top to make a cuff.

You can cuff it to the inside to finish the top if you wish.  I like the unfinished denim edge showing.

Step 9 - embellish.

Add some cute flowers or buttons to embellish your pouch.

And ... you're done!

This is a very easy project ... easy enough that my 8 year old made one by herself.

Please let me know what you think of these little pouches and of the tutorial.  Let me know if you have questions or suggestions!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and a great, big, beautiful tomorrow!!


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  1. So cute! and what a great up-cycling project. Good pics and instructions too! Creative Blessings to you and Jaydin


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