Monday, December 03, 2012

Special Projects

Merry Christmas!  Are you busy creating special gifts for your family and friends?  I think I've undertaken a lot more than I should have, but it's time to just get it all done.

One of the gifts I'm making for little girls in the family is a drawing set.  I've seen many versions of the crayon roll-ups and caddies.  This design puts it all together and allows the kids to carry their drawing pad with them, along with the crayons or markers.

I had to make a prototype, right??  This one was made with my daughter in mind.  She LOVES John Deere.

This one is made so that it folds up to close and has a velcro closure strap.  The handles are made of ribbon. The ribbon wasn't double-sided, so I sewed two pieces together for each handle.  Her 'a' in the embroidery didn't turn out quite right - and if I was giving this as a gift, I would fix that - but she doesn't care.  It was just meant as a prototype, anyway.

Opened up, you can see the pockets for crayons, pencils or markers.  On the next ones I make, I will add velcro closures to keep the items in the pockets.  The drawing pad is easy to slip out.  So if the child uses up all of her blank pages - but not all of her creativity! - you can slide another one in.  The hole for the pad was made like a giant, custom buttonhole.  

I did put some 'header' material inside the fabric to give the drawing set more structure and stability.  Next time, I plan to use chipboard, if I can find it in a big enough piece for each set.

Overall, I'm very pleased with how the set turned out.  Honestly, I'm amazed that the first one turned out this well.  I guess, for once, I did a fair job of thinking through all of the steps!

I need to make 3 more of these, a car caddy - with an included track, and a fort kit.  Lots to do on my day at home tomorrow! :) 

Have a wonderful Monday and a great, big, beautiful tomorrow!!!



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  2. Molly9:29 AM

    That turned out really well! Love it!


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